Thursday, 3 May 2007

Phone fun

Thank you so much for all your comments yesterday.

I thought I was mostly over the fire by now, but having finally written it all down it left me shaking and in an odd mood for the rest of the day. I feel I have now exorcised any remaining ghosts and thank you very much for allowing me to do this.

As husband and son are still away climbing the three peaks (one to go today - two under their belts)and as Poo was watching cricket, Lixtroll came over for a visit last night. Big glasses of wine, lots of very small badly rolled fags dahling and plenty of blog reading and commenting – especially BlossomCottage. Hoots of laughter.

So after yesterday's manic typing here's a little gem from the chronicles of daughters revenge.

At the time this took place she was four.

Phone rings . . .not being in a position to answer it . . .I sit and listen in growing horror.

The question put to daughter I presume was 'can I speak to your mummy?'

Pause then daughter answers . . .

'No she's in the loo having a poo!' Arrrgggghhhhhh.

Ok that's enough for today – off to fine tune my hoovering. The dogs and I of course levitate across the floor at all times, but all the bits we bring in from the garden don't seem to have mastered the art yet.

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