Thursday, 3 May 2007

The Girdley Bird

Sorry guys - I am in a bit of a rush today - not because I am busy oh no, but there is apparently this mental stimulation going around and the voices are telling me I am mental enough as it is.

Bill, Bill you haven't checked my exam paper you rat you . . . all that hard work and where are you . . . out to lunch. Pah!

Checked my teeth in the mirror this morning - still covered in black dots, or was that the mirror. Ooops spots in front of my eyes. Ferlipping heck only seconds ahead of mental stimulation now . . . Quick quick here is a poem about a country bird, wot lives in the country. I did the picture tooo. OW OWWWWWW. Berludy hell that hurt . . . ok ok Lixtroll did the picture . . . but I'm the only one with spotty teeth.

Oh look there's a Girdley Bird
See it's flying glupside round
It must be from Blossie Land
Cos they do that all the time

Oh it'll turn and look at you
Should you hang around
It will peer at you from its frumble eyes
Which are part upper most the other side of brown

Watch it toes though dare you stay
An believe me should you see them quimber
Get tready to run as fast as you can
Cos it's going to dive at you quick and blimber

A Girdley bird will love you
But please remember they are sticky
From lofty plume down to whirly tails
and their beaks are ever so bernippy

Much better to admire from afar
than get stuck to this gwickle bird
Cos wearing a Girdly bird for the rest of your life
Is of the twurtest thing I've ever heard.

And tomorrow – I promise I will write a proper Counrtry Diary!

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