Thursday, 3 May 2007

The Fire Part three

Two things stick in my mind on the brighter side of the fire.

My daughter said to friend of mine, who very kindly reported it back to me 'My mum was really amazing the night of the fire.' Sniff, blubber blubber. Guess it isn't cool for teenagers to say things like this direct. In fact it took weeks before daughter would even talk to me about the fire at all and for a while I was really worried about her. Son let in all out one night in a flood of tears. Time heals. In many ways it brought us all closer together.

The second thing was the poor chap in the co-op who, a few days after the fire, turned to me whilst we were queuing and said . . 'cheer up luv it might never happen!' Poor man . . I froze, turned to him and then very quietly said, 'my husband has left me, two thirds of my business has just burned down and wiped out my entire income, I have recently had to have my cat put down and this morning I found my favourite wild/tame rabbit dead . . . so I think we can safely say it has happened, don't you?' He will never ever ever tell anyone to cheer up again. Snigger!

So back to whatever vague plot I ever manage to have in my life - we were going to have to sell up – not looking good. Husband and I by this time firmly back together – although not actually living together yet.

AND THEN . . .

HOORAY . . . enter Lixtroll with Logical Bob – her Dad. They fell totally in love with cottages and the whole magical area. They really 'got' the place.The following day Lixtroll was back with Poo, Lixtroll's husband and no, Milla, we still don't know what sort of creature Poo is, but we have our suspicions.

In short Poo and Lixtroll bought our Cottage and The Farm House – I let The Farm House for them as a holiday cottage.

I moved into the now re-built Steading. Husband and I decided we would never ever let it out again to guests as long as we owned it. Husband still had his flat in Glasgow, but with firm plans to give it up and move back to 'home'.

Our neighbours are wonderful potty potters and multi talented creative people. We all clicked from the moment we met. Lixtroll and I much to the disgust of Poo and my husband spend a lot of time drinking coffee and wine by the lochan, smoking badly rolled grotty little ciggies and talking about the CL site and blogging. Oh yes we were there again this afternoon sharing our chatter with the frogs and the ducks.

Husband and I started living together again in September 2006. He was then made redundant from the BEEB in November 2006. He is now pursuing his career as a professional photographer and home all the time – except when his on photo shoots of course. Things are a bit tight – but we'll manage.

So what was once the second worst night of my life has now turned into the best time of my life.

I still have the legacy from the fire of taking ages to go to bed, or go out – I have to go round and switch off everything electrical and sometimes I feel a bit weird . . I just don't feel 'safe'. But oddly enough I worry less . . . . . . . . what will be will be and right now what 'is' . . is wonderful.

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