Thursday, 3 May 2007

Off to Edinburgh

Mixed feelings day today. No real time to Blog. Off to Edinburgh to take Son back to University . . . I know he has mixed feelings about returning because . . I talked to him. Yes I held a conversation with a teenager. He loves the freedom of living away from home. All the things you would expect really. Then he said 'but I am going to miss the wonderful smell of home when I open the front door, gawd I love that smell.' Sorry sorry, got something in my eye here, sniff sniff and oh dear hay fever already!

So I shall have mixed feelings too. Sad to see him go I shall worry about him and want to protect him from the World, but berludy hell I won't miss the mess, the washing up, the mess, the cooking, the mess, the washing, the mess and not helping with the dogs and the mess and oh yes the mess. To be fair most of the mess has stayed in his room, but it is pretty horrific. Even the dogs lay a trail when they enter his room to ensure their safe return to the hall way.

So off into the sunset we all go and return with just the two of us.

I am putting up the picture of the Girdley Bird again as a huge big thank you to Lixtroll. She asked for a copy of the poem a while back and then went away and drew the fabulous picture you see here of the bird. The original is quite big and utterly amazing – and would you believe it the daft bat actually GAVE it to me. I was and am knocked out. So although I have said thank you once or twice before . . .I am saying it again . . .THANK YOU. You are a lovely friend and the Angels were indeed smiling the day you came round to view and then later buy our house. You are still a daft bat though . . .thank gawd . . someone I can gibber at and be understood . . .

Aaaaaaaaaa . . aaaaaaaa we are rushing around outside and shouting aaaaaa cos the guests have gone. . . . . . Lixtroll, Lixtroll look look the cesspit has overflowed bleah. Right you dig through the poooo here and lift the drain there and rod just about there . . . so love to help but we are off to Edinburgh aaaaaaaaaaaa.

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