Thursday, 3 May 2007

Drama Celebrations

Ow . .ow. . . ow knives in eyes . . I can't wait for the painkillers to kick in so that I can enjoy this revoltingly over-bright Spring morning. I'm too hungover and tired to do any April Fool pranks either. Then again Husband and I met 25 years ago today – now that has got to be the longest April fool in history. Hahaha – you get less for murder - very funny husband . . yawn, never heard that one before. Anyone out there laugh and I shall be painfully disappointed in you.

No the hangover is not the result of victorious celebrations. It is the aftermath of a thorough drowning of sorrows Our valiant little drama club can honestly say that they gave an excellent performance – the adjudication they got bears that out, but we were beaten by a larger club with an amazing performance. Even the title of their play is bigger than ours – Dogsbreath Devereax, The Dastardly Doctor or Nurses Foiled again by Billy St John. They had a cast of 13. We did Happy Jack by Jon Godber, a two hander. I don't think we even have 13 adults in the company at One Act play time, let alone being able to pick 13 of our best actors. The winning play also got Best Production, Best Set and Best Comedy. Now that is just greedy, but very much deserved.

Watching Dogsbreath was exhausting and exhilarating. It is indeed a comedy, done in the style of the old black and white films. The set, costumes and make up were all starkly black and white. Striking in the extreme. The play itself grabbed you by the throat and dragged you laughing and groaning at 100 miles an hour for its 55 minute duration. Our play was much more poignant – being a journey back in time exploring the relationship between a Yorkshire miner and his wife. Our set was a minimal two chairs and a tombstone! The acting in Dogsbreath was excellent, Dogsbreath himself acted with his whole body, a bit reminiscent of John Cleese in Faulty Towers. The whole cast in fact could really act and interacted in a well rehearsed way. Then again so did our cast, yes indeed . .both of them . . so there neah.

It was a great three nights out. Good to see all the other teams too, most of whom we meet year after year. The One Act Play competition starts in March with heats going on all over the UK and culminating in the National Finals in June.

We all go along to fiercely compete, of course we do, but we also go to learn. Each play has a public adjudication and a private adjudication. Plus we all support each other. Our drama club will now support the winning team when they perform in the Scottish Finals at Greenock. The people we beat in the regional finals were there at Cupar supporting us in the divisional finals and so on. Yes it is as supportive as the CL Blog and Chat site – with possibly a smidgeon more drama.

So that is it for the One Act plays as far as the acting goes. No rest for the hungover though. Tonight we are back in rehearsals for our Spring Show and tour, six performances in all. The tour will feature this years One Act Play entry Happy Jack and next years One Act Play competition entry Stalag 69 which I am in. There will also be another short play written by a club member – and a couple of sketches. All I have do know is learn to smoke a pipe, grow a handlebar moustache and talk in a 'Jolly good show chaps' kind of male voice without sounding my r's.

Ok putting this up now – tried to read it through to see if it made sense Edeneising, but I rarely make sense anyway so how would I know? Uh oh lost the will to type now – need coffee.

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