Thursday, 3 May 2007

Exam Paper


Name: Westerwitch

Date: 11th April 2007 (so far so good)

Examiner : Mentor Bill

Subject: Blogging

Grade: Unlikely to get one.

Question: Imagine, if you will, if this was the first CL blog you ever came across. (please see comment and exam question set by Mentor Bill on westerwitch's I did it my way – eventually.

Answearee . . Tum ti tum ti tum. La la la la la. Oooops sorry must concentrate. Not that I would ever buy concentrate, only the real thing for me. Toot toot toot. Not fair wanna be outside. Not sitting in this smelly ole exam room. Rootntootin . . Oh yuk just bit the rubber off my pencil. Gosh it's warm in here zzzzzzz

Lots of wavy lines and harp type music.

Oh hello, who are you? Gosh you look familiar. Shaking a bit I see. Clean nails, nicely combed hair. What's that you're saying. . you've crossed your eyes and dotted your teeth. Oh my goodness you have haven't you. Did you use permanent marker on your teeth . . oh dear.

So you are a first time reader and want a trip round the CL blog site. Oh well take my hand and I'll see what I can do. Yuk what have you got in your hand . . .pooooo. No please don't throw it on the floor. Now look you have gone and trodden in it. No, no come back don't go and tread it everywhere!

Er no thank you I wouldn't like a bit of your sandwich . . .oh I see you made the bread and the cheese and grew the salad yourself. It's goats cheese you say Fascinating. Cor it don't half pong.

Where on earth did that Dove come from. Oh you keep doves and breed them and at the same time you do tricks at children's parties. Oh yes. Hahahaha I've got a joke vomit too and a whoopy cushion – did you know that if you squeeze a whooppeee cushion under water . . oh you did.

You like horses you say – ah well plenty on this site, even got our own Dark Horse and we drink at the False Start Public Bar. Oh so yours is a double and you like quality not quantity . . . unless it is chocolate, or wine.

No no please don't play with that digger. Gosh you handle it very well. Can you solder. Oh well can't have everything.

Yes I do like your lipstick – should it have all those bees swarming round it though . . . . and why are you pulling a cat out of a rabbit hole . . I'm getting all confused here . . .

You know you really do look familiar . . . no, oh no don't go all wavy like that you are making me feel sick . . .

Ooooops where am. Ohmigodde I have just met myself coming the other way and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be . . . AHAH I've got it.

EXAM ANSWER . . . It very much depends on whose reading the Blog and if it isn't to their taste then there is such a huge variety on the CL site and all from a truly wonderful bunch of people that no-one is likely to go away disappointed. After all Bill you are still with

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