Thursday, 3 May 2007

I'm soooo sad!

Oh dear I am soooo sad. Husband and Son have headed off on a four day trip to climb the three peaks and I am all alone . . . . . ok I'm over it.

Oh the sheer bliss of it all. I can Spring Clean to my hearts content for the next four days knowing that everything I tidy, hoover, dust and organise will stay the same! I can caffeine out, gibber and cackle to myself without fear of the men in white coats. I can watch whatever Soaps I like on TV without a single disapproving glance. I can leave the room without coming back to find the channel changed. I can eat bread and curried beans and f***t without comment, or having to blame it on the dogs. . . . . . yes wheat and I don't get on and curried beans are a disaster, but every now and again . . . I can drink red wine in large glasses and smoke my little roll ups. Yes, yes I know I shouldn't smoke – but for the next four days . . .

I can pop over to my neighbour and share big glasses of wine and binge smoke whilst we natter and watch the frogs in the lochan. We did this yesterday afternoon whilst husband and son were out walking and I felt so guilty that I wasn't cooking dinner – I really need to work on that.

Oh and dear fellow Bloggers I can read, comment and write without having to sneak onto the computer. I am going to be a blatant Blogger and love every second of it.

Don't tell husband but Jack Russell Arnie can sleep in the bed with me and I may even sneak a cuddle on the sofa. Mind you having said that husband actually put Arnie on the sofa with me when Arnie was unwell and on Sunday morning he was allowed up on the bed . . Arnie that is.

So that is it for now – bit of office work to finish. Then quick trip to the village and the Mobile Bank. Co-op here I came cash in hand for curried beans and wine and the week and Spring Cleaning is all mine.

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