Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Tooooooo busy to blog

I am in a huge rush – hit the ground running top speed. Got a leaflet day today to sit and get bored at. All us village business type people sit in our local hall and give leaflets out to other people types so that they know what we do – thought they did already. Networking with bits of paper. Or something! Tell you what it is when I've done it

I was also in Cupar last night – four hour round trip from where I live – and am going again tonight and tomorrow night. Why? It is the Divisional Final of the One Act Play Competition of course! Oh yes and our Village has a play in it – went through from the Regional Finals no less. Hard for me this time around as I am not in The One Act Play comp this year – been in them the last seven years, but we are already rehearsing for next years. I play a World War 2 pilot . .no I do really. No really I doooo.

And I've sprained my ribs – well the muscles, you can't sprain bone can you! Think I did it when I was lifting hay and feed over the fence for the sheep. Either that or when I was chatting to the Sky remote control and fell backwards over the dog. Grief I am sooooo tired how the hell am I going to stay awake today and tonight. Lets face not all the plays are good even if they are in the next round. Hope the ribs hold up they are a bit sore. Not allowed to get excited cos it hurts to breath. No jumping around either . . good grief life it going to be boring for a while.

Fabulous day and my god is that the time . . .

Thank you thank you for all your comments on yesterdays blog. Do you know that Wild &Green said I Rocked – how cool is that. Oh maybe they meant I was a rock . . .whatever oh no still got to feed the sheep.

No time to comment on other peoples today . . sob . . no time to read anything . . .sob . . .but I can give it up any time . . . oh yes. Oh yes I can. I can can can so there neah. I am an adult and can cope with life. I won't be caught in the loos blogging, nor behind the bike sheds, nor over the wall. You won't find me there. No I won't rush home later to blog at 1.00 in the morning . . .well I might . . .but whatever I hope you all have a great day.

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