Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Premonition dream

Wow this is so cool. Last night I dreamt that I had a hangover and when I woke up this morning I had a hangover! See – witch, premonition dreams. Mmmm more like neighbour, last night, visit, big glasses of wine, binge smoke to compensate for giving up and today, hangover. So this morning I am feeling very sensitive – bad. But I am studying today so can curl up on the sofa with books on being Over sensitive 'n' stuff – good. But the books all have these brilliant white pages with black wiggly stuff on them – very bad. Films and plays and TV news items have to say that they have strobe lighting and flash photography – so books should say they have blinding white pages with black . . . . oh whatever!

The vet phoned early yesterday evening. Apparently Arnie (my Jack Russell – see yesterday's blog) has raised enzymes in his blood which indicates he may have had acute inflammation of the pancreas. I wanted to to tell the vet he was cute too, but the bromide had kicked in and I no longer cared. Arnie is still on antibiotics – I've sold my muzzle on ebay – and yes my much loved pooch is back to normal- licking stones and rocks and yapping at them as he shoves them round the garden. Sassy our Collie is delighted too, because now Arnie is out again she can resume running rings around him and pretending he is a small, but annoying sheep. We do actually have five pet sheep, but she just ignores them altogether.

The day before yesterday myself and husband took our daughter, son and daughter's boyfriend to fulfil the helicopter ride bought for said daughter's boyfriend's 18th birthday, last August. Mmmm yes LAST August. Then again it is hardly likely to be this August is it? Slightly late for the young man's birthday, but we arrived in plenty of time to be thrown out of the airport coffee shop.  Brilliant. We spend a fortune on the flight and then get thrown out of a completely empty coffee shop by a male, snooty flying type, older person and why . . all because we were standing and looking through the window and not ordering and drinking coffee. Hubby and I saw the kids off on their flight and then went back to the coffee shop and loudly announced we were now going to drink copious amounts of coffee and get hyper!!!! Slurp slurp . . .then we ate cheese and onion toasties with extra onion and burped 'Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines'. We had to stop when the kid's flight was over – they don't like being embarrassed and I hate being sent to stand in the corner – especially with onion breath.

Three different reactions from flying around in a helicopter. Daughter, not sure, genuine fear of flying – so a huge well done for going up. Boyfriend, well he actually got to fly the helicopter and was given a certificate to prove it – smugly happy person. Son, oh look out! Duck, hyper teenager in erratic orbit. We drove to town so that hyper son could buy a DVD on flight simulation. Alarming noises of crashing and burning have been coming from his bedroom for the last two days – but no dead mouse type smell yet, so I guess he must be ok.

In truth I was actually upset – being an over-sensitive type – when the arrogant, g** . . person in the coffee shop ordered us out. Not even sure why he was there – he seemed to have a desk behind a screen at one end of the coffee shop. How dare he spoil, what for us, was a long awaited special day and what was worse he did it with no regard for how we might feel. So think positive. Let me see. He's a nasty, horrible person and, and, and . . we're not , so there, that'll do! Plus to help make it all right I got a lovely understanding smile and goodbye from the lady serving behind the coffee shop counter when we left . Then again maybe she was glad to see the back of us, but did I catch a hint of her humming Those Magnificent Men under her breath?

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