Thursday, 26 April 2007


Sorry everyone - we seem to be locked out at the moment - you can still comment on the chat page but not post. You can still blog and comment on each others blogss. Have emailed Google with the problem - can only wait for a response - I am sooooo sorry for all the messing about . . . . Happy Snaper - away on a job and the Janitor has gone to the village. We will work tirelessly until we sort the problem - suggest a prolonged break - lots of tea, coffee and cakes.


countrymousie said...

I have pasted the article from the Press Gazette on my blog site for you all to read.

lixtroll said...

Matron is visiting again with an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

The chat-room is experiencing problems with overloading which we think is causing it to be marked as SPAM, which is in effect locking us all out :-

So in the mean time: each day please look out for the post called ANNOUNCE NEW BLOGS HERE and put your announcements in as comments on that post.

This will still leave space for one personal post per person which we can all comment on.

This is purely a temporary measure, we are keen to get the chatroom back to the weird and wonderful way it was going before - we are looking into various options at the moment (by the way, have you noticed that option is an anagram of potion) - WesterWitch! put down that cauldron!

CAMILLA said...

Hi Westerwitch,
I fear that I will not be able to blog properly until the site has been sorted. I know that one cannot go to the POST NEW BLOG on the (original) page, the one where I sent 2 blogs when Purplecoo first began. I have already set up my blogspot with google to do this, but do not know what button to put my cursor on to create new blog. Surely one does not do a BLOG on my own CAMILLA Comment Page? Help,!!

jackofall said...

WesterWitch, Camilla emailed me, through the link on my site, so I'm trying to sort it out.