Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A little piece about Poo

A little piece about poo

Have you ever considered how much poo we actually live in. Oh I don't mean all the poo that is outside and when you think about it cow poo, pig poo, sheep poo and then all the wildlife poo - both on the ground and plopping down from the sky – people with newly cleaned cars can tell you about the stuff from the sky.Yes there is a mind numbing amount of poo just loitering within tent, if you are an unlucky camper that is.. Nor do I mean the sort of indoor poo that Exmoorjane spread around her house, nor the chicken poo I Exmoored around mine. No I mean the carefully and often prettily contained poo, or so we think, in our own unsuspecting bathrooms.

I made the mistake of watching a programme on how dirty our bathrooms really are. Sit on the loo, do and flush, all gone. Wrong. If you leave the toilet lid up minuscule droplets of poo spray six feet all over the bathroom. Ahah – sorted. ( I'm allowed to say sorted I grew up in Essex – yes an Essex girl – get over it) Thwart the poo by putting the loo seat down. Easy. Oh no, not that easy at all the little bacteria laden droplets of poo squirt out the side between the lid and seat. OH MY GOD. And it gets worse. The droplets settle on everything - your face cloth, towels, toothbrush – yuk - everything. Wash and wipe your face and you're covered in poo. Dry yourself – covered in poo. Brush your teeth, yes you've got it good old poo mouth wash. Plus if you are lucky enough to have a cut in the gum the bacteria get in your blood stream and make you really sick.

Read in the loo take the book outside and poo all over the house. Walk innocently from the loo and you transport droplets from the loo carpet/tiles all over the house. Not to mention you have wiped your hands on a poo splashed hand-towel. Oh it goes on forever – we are all sh*t covered peasants living in poo coated hovels. Poo, poo everywhere and never a warning stink.

So why aren't we all dead. Because in a very small nutshell it is normal that's why! We live in a bacteria laden world. We share it with untold trillions of bugs and we all co-exist, for the most part, happily together. It wasn't until we had antibacterial this and disinfectant and antibiotic that , that we started to shift the balance and not live so comfortably in our own world. If the older ones amongst think of how we grew up and the amount of bugs we were exposed to and how we all survived. Then think of now about super bugs and immune systems never given the chance to develop properly. . . . and so on.

I still wish I hadn't seen the programme – it was sensationalism and I bet you are wishing you hadn't read this blog and I bet you keep your toothbrush in a cupboard from now on – I know I do.


Himalayan Blue said...

I saw a similar programme a while back and got similarly freaked out, especially as my bathroom is next door to my kitchen. Why did they build houses like that?! I do spend more time cleaning my bathroom than I did!

Pipany said...

I hate those sorts of programmes - especially ones about food. Best to stick to Pride and Pred I think x

Milkmaid said...

quite right these programmes are so silly, if it's right may be I should let my son eat without washing his hands, if he is going to get covered in poo, or should I say more covered in poo, mucky little tyke

snailbeachshepherdess said...

I can well remember my mum saying we were all healthier when we had outside bucket loos that were tipped on the rhubarb patch weekly ... perhaps we were?