Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Good scales day

Good scales and hair day today (see yesterdays blog), just as well, because other half, whilst out on an assignment photographing a distillery yesterday, had committed the sin of getting a parking ticket – in my car.

Looking at the damn thing took me back to Guildford and when we lived in Holmbury St Mary. The kids plus friend and I had gone to the cinema in Guildford – big treat for us country bumpkins. We parked in a multi-storey car park – not such a big treat. I put money in the pay and display machine to discover I was 15 minutes short of six o'clock - after which time the car park was free. No, surely not – they wouldn't fine me for being short 15 minutes now would they? Specially not in my beaten up old car. Then again might my beaten up old car might offend towny types? The kids in a rush to get to the cinema were dragging me away. Anyway I reasoned the car park was full so chances were no one would spot the time short fall on my ticket.

Two hours later we returned to the multi-storey to find it was almost empty and I had indeed got a parking ticket. I was shocked, stunned, angry . . very angry , flamingly roaringly , blisteringly angry and the kids were full of understanding and sympathy. Like hell they were, they were all doubled up with helpless laughter. I got even more angry then at their lack of understanding and was about to stomp off and find a car park type person to viciously shred when the kids told me to 'look, no mum, REALLY look at the parking ticket.' Little brats it was a fake. A joke shop parking ticket. Then I remembered – the girls had gone running on ahead to the car park. Son for some odd reason wanted to read all the cinema posters on 'coming soon' films on the way back and had dawdled for ages. DING! Berrrrrludy hell they had got me good.

Ahah, but never trick a trickster. I got a letter from our local council photocopied it and wrote to all three children. The letter said something like that now we were in the common market to bring us into line with school holidays in Europe the English School Holidays would be finishing two weeks early this year and they would be expected back at school on the following Monday. I signed it Mr J. oke. Hahahahaha. Got the little blighters. Eventually with tears of motherly concern in my eyes at their distress (no of course not – I couldn't see, or breath properly I was laughing so much) I confessed. They weren't very appreciated of the efforts I had gone to 'get them'. Honestly the youth of today are so ungrateful!

All went quiet. Life continued on. Then I got a letter from our local dog obedience class – where Arnie was enrolled. We were clicker training him. Positive reinforcement with a Jack Russell that is a laugh in itself. The letter said that although Arnie was doing well – he was in fact in bad condition and until his condition improved we were being asked to leave the class.

Being an animal lover and taking the care of my animals very seriously I instantly saw several shades of red in quick succession. Then the tiny reasonable part of my brain kicked in. Mmmmm something not quite right here . . . I read the letter again . . .condition was spelt condishun. Ten out of ten for effort and excellent attention to detail – but minus quite a lot for not spell checking the offending piece. Then again being a model parent I did appreciate the effort the had gone to. They on the other hand didn't speak to me for the rest of the day, because I had rumbled them. Early bird kids, early bird!

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