Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Sock Tree

Whoooosh Zooom. Still in big rush. I have chosen to be horribly selfish and Blog now rather than read the Blogs already up, or the ones I missed yesterday – disgraceful. Have to get the holiday cottage ready now for guests coming in-before we nip off to Cupar again (brilliant night – will Blog it all after its finished) – will sneak Blog reading in-between bathrooms and dusting. I can't hoover husband honestly – ouch – the ribs – giggle.

Leaflet day was brilliant - not too many public, lots of stalls run by people I know. So spent the day quietly listening to people and catching up on news. Of course not I caffeined out big time and gibbered and cackled my way through the entire day and bought a Sock Tree.

Yes that's right a Sock Tree.  What! Has no-one here ever bought a Sock Tree. Shocked. Shocked I am. Read on and think the freedom this could bring you. Every year my Father in-law, when asked what he wants for Xmas says socks. Ok yes very exciting mmmm lose the will to shop socks. So fed up with this I went out and bought a - hang on a sec the ticket is in my bag - yes that's it an Abies Koreana Fir. On to this pretty little tree I tied socks - new ones - loads of them. Then for Xmas I gave Mr In-Law the tree. Its a Sock Tree I announced - so don't ever ask me for socks again. Bewildered Daddy in-law apparently wore the socks, but gave me back the tree. The tree came to Scotland and got planted and yeah verily it did well. Then we had a fire - another Blog lost money and had to move - only two doors down mind you – but the sock tree was too big now to transplant and sadly I couldn't find one to replace it. Then yesterday I walked into the village hall all prepared for leaflet day and the first thing I spied was a baby Sock Tree. Kerching, sale made and I am one proud owner of said Sock Tree.

Now for the rest of this cautionary tale - Father-in-law didn't learn. The very next Xmas after the Sock Tree when asked what do you want for Xmas and fixed with a stern stare don't you DARE ask for socks stare, he thought and thought and said 'not a lot.' Arrrgghhhhhh. You can't say that how can I buy not a lot. I fixed you with the sock tree and now you come up with this. Grrrrr. So I found a jigsaw company that made things to order and they made for me a stand up jigsaw that said . . NOT A LOT. The body of the jig saw sat on the shelf with the end bit dangling off . . .no not an accident it was designed that way. And so I gave my parent- in-law Not A Lot for Xmas. And the moral of this tale is . . . I have no idea but I had a lot of fun thwarting poor old daddy-in-law. Hehehehe Can't wait to be a Granny - I am going to be sooooo AWFUL.

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