Wednesday, 25 April 2007

This is the Mother . . . .

It has gone, emailed, posted, dispatched. Yes I discovered organisation in a brief, but productive and lucid moment yesterday and sent my assignment off into the ethernet. I even managed to round up all my answers to the case studies. They will go today. I would have done it yesterday,but somehow I had thought it was still Tuesday and the post office shuts on a Wednesday afternoon.

So now in a rare idle moment I am staring at the flowers I got for Mother's day. They are all looking a bit sad now. I am either a) too lazy to throw them away or b) can't bear to throw them away. Bit of both probably. However I have the card that my daughter sent with the flowers - it says – Happy Mother's Day Mum. I appreciate everything you've ever done for me and I'm glad you are my Mummy. The Card from my son is a really flowery emotional card and on it he has written – thank you for everything you have ever done and he gave me a big box of chocolates.

Where on earth did all that come from. Bearing in mind this is the mother who played practical jokes on her kids. Who refused to lose at Monopoly. Who refused to cook for her kids in their teenage years because she was sick of coming up with meals they didn't like. Here I pause to point out I cook by the smoke alarm – when it goes off it signals that whatever I am incinerating is ready. This is the mum who loves animals – well that's ok isn't it – mmmm I thought so to – until the kids said – I suppose we will have to grow fur, or feathers if we want to get your attention. Ouch! Having said that, our daughter is studying Zoology at University so maybe not all bad. Then again our son is studying Robotics . . But all said and done I was really choked on Mother's day. Last year our daughter went on to Ebay and bid for two Furbies for me for Mother's Day – where did my kids get to be so thoughtful. What have I done, or not done to be so lucky.

I was not one of the mother's standing at the school gates on the first day sobbing. I was the one punching the air and shouting 'yes'. Even the empty nest syndrome did not affect me the way I know it has some. I hated going swimming. I sobbed embarrassingly at school plays and wore flashing earrings at Xmas and tinsel in my hair. I have never pushed my kids – although I did nag about homework. They even accused me of letting them do to much. Why forbid them they will only it anyway and at least I was/am around to pick up the pieces. This is the mother who gave them wine and beer – I would rather they learned to drink at home. I also taught them all the swear words and then what they meant – up to them whether or not they chose to use them. Rather they learnt from me than some oik in the playground without knowing what they were saying. When we went in the car we rarely listened to nursery rhymes – it was always Queen. Daughter floored me the other day when we touched on this saying how proud she was of knowing all the words to all the Queen songs. Wow – didn't see that one coming. They both love Rock music and we have even been to Rock concerts together. U2 was amazing. Although I gather they were hard put to cope with the fact I danced all the way through.

Never a patient nurse – sorry about the pun I sometimes struggled with sickness, but some of our closest moments were spent all huddled together when we had the flu. Even daughter said – I suppose you are going to treasure this time aren't you. It was said in a mocking but tender way.

Somewhere down the years I must have done something right. I am still introduced as the embarrassing mother – but do I now detect a note of pride? Thank you kids. Thank you for ringing me with your problems and for looking forward to coming home. Thank you for being there on my birthday and for letting us pick you up from Dundee on Xmas day. Thank you for wanting to be here this Easter and thank you, thank you, thank you for just being you.

Ps Hey Dorta you have snakes, fish and a cat and I don't think you should get rats – but I know you will any way – so I have bought them a cute wooden house – Luv yer Ma.

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