Sunday, 9 March 2008

My Homework

My Homework

Well its about berludy time really . . . they have both done their homework.

So back to Friday 29th February. I had spent a couple of days Spring cleaning the house. Partly because - well it needed it and it always makes me feel internally calm when the house is clean and partly because we were about to get two visitors. Plus these visitors although staying in Cesspit Cottage would be spending a fair bit of time in our house. And no-one writes in my dust.

Well you know what it is like when guests are arriving you can't settle. So I spent the morning fussing around, doing everything and achieving nothing. The weather got worse and worse with sky black, huge gusts of wind chucking gouts of water at the house. Our living room is up in the eves and therefore it gets a bit noisy when the weather is rough.

The 'girls' finally arrived about 15.00. The weather had calmed for a brief spell. And there they were spilling out of Kitty's car chatting away, producing cakes and pink champagne and chocolates and bags and gifts, including a voucher from La Senza from Faith . . and more chatter. We all piled over to Cesspit Cottage which met with their instant approval. Then HS and I left Kitty and Faith to get settled and come over to ours when they were ready.

And later they did indeed arrive and tea was drunk and then wine opened and chocolate and lemon fairy cakes consumed. Oh and Kitty is an amazing cook. At least I think that was the order of how things went . . it all seemed to happen in a laughter filled blur. HS cooked Lasagne and we were then joined by Lixtroll and Humpty. We had our first ever official Purplecoo meeting - and out of that came alot of good ideas about the Calendar . .books . . .galleries . . .we shall see - might work, might not. We ate and drank and all got on . . .well I could say like a house on fire . . . berlimey. I of course - true to form said very little.

I won't say too much about Faith and Kitty as they themselves chose not to. In brief Faith is tall and has a quiet confident air about her. She kept reminding me of my late Aunt that I was very close to. Kitty is smaller - fractionally shorter than me and has a charming confidence about her - they both have a wicked sense of humour. Faith is fair and Kitty dark. Very different people and yet we all gelled. Think it was late before we all retired. Worn out.

Then Saturday . . . berlimey another blur of a day . . . Faith went off with HS to do her shoot and I dragged KittyB out on one of my favourite walks. So lovely to be able to share something that I enjoy so much with a Purplecooer. We were out for a couple of hours and got back just as Faith and HS had finished Faith's shoot. We had lunch and then it was Kitty's turn to be photographed. I quickly washed the dogs as they had 'rolled' and then sat and chatted to Faith.

Shoots over – time for wine and cooking. I had chosen to cook a dish that requires a lot of fiddling about and so we all mucked in only to discover no cooking oil . . . .eeeeek how did I forget that. We all took the opportunity to go down to our local village and show it off whilst I raided the Co-op for oil. . .I took money this time so the chainsaw stayed at home.

Then back to Ch√Ęteau Cesspit and then we opened the wine and finished cooking. Another evening filled with chatter and eating and drinking and cementing new found friendship. Once again I of course said very little – content just to listen . . .

Where did the time go. What happened it was already Sunday. Kitty and Faith went over to do a few more shots in the studio – then they very kindly cooked breakfast for us and then . . .and then . .they were gone. . . .sob . . .and our weekend was all over.

Thank you to both Kitty and Faith we had a brilliant weekend. You were both excellent company and both HS and I hope it won't be too long before we meet you again.

I have seen the photos and said what I think to each of you . . .in short for both of you excellent . . .yes yes I know I am biased as HS was the photographer, but I am also his harshest critic . . . I think the work you all produced was first class.


Elizabethd said...

Brilliant time together, wish we could all join you!

Inthemud said...

Wonderful WW to hear about Kitty and Faith's visit. Sounds like a fantastic time was had by one and all.
And plenty of wine flowing always help!! ( I started a sentence with "And " too, hope Milla's not peeking!!Perhaps we should all do it.............)

Hope you're keeping safe up there in Scotland , have you batoned down the hatches. Unusual to have your sitting room in the eves, is it not? Does that give you the best views?

Love Muddie xx

Milla said...

This is wrong wrong wrong, I start EVERY sentence with And. ANd I exaggerate!! Please Muddie, it's Jane, not me, who's the Anti-Ander. Sounds a lovely weekend and great to hear it from all three of you although you are all far too nice about each other and it seems sad that the chainsaw had a weekend off. All that food sounds most delicious. Well done all of you for making it happen.

Pipany said...

It sounds such a great weekend, I wish I could have been there too. All that food, wine, walks and so on...very envious xx

Suffolkmum said...

It does sound briliant. Am v. jealous!

Cait O'Connor said...

Sounds a lovely weekend, wish I had been there.

Frances said...

It is always a very good time when the hours do seem to flash past.

Makes it such fun to quickly find the friendship that you all did expect would be there.

And...and those cupcakes, too. And, the glorious photos, too.

A few more "ands" and I will be even more envious than I am right now.


CAMILLA said...

Wish I could have been there, sounds as if you all had a fab weekend.

Ooh, looking forward to the pics when the time comes.

Milkmaid said...

I was so jealous I couldn't come on the jolly up Chateau Cesspit, bet you had a fabbo weekend. Dear Headmistress thank you for my timely reminder re punctuation, I'm a lazy arse really, my 10 year old also tells me off, but then he doesn't have much else expect his punctuation to think about.

ChrisH said...

Oh that was a lovely read - sounds as if a good time was had by all. Lucky things.

Pondside said...

What a good time you all had!!! Congrats on the First Official Purple Coo meeting in Westerlix!

Fennie said...

Sounds really wonderful. Will have to make the journey one of these days. It's wonderful how well everyone gets on.

KittyB said...

How I laughed - on reading this and at the time. What fun it was, and yes, headmistress, you were as quiet as a mouse. And so was I. NOT!!!!!

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