Sunday, 30 March 2008

It really is the little things.

I have turned the toaster up' HS announced this morning. 'Thought I had better tell you!'

Um right - not much you can say to that really . . .'er why?'

I was still struggling with the loss of a whole hour this morning and what this meant to my coffee consumption . . .

'Well I have ben leaving it down so that you don't burn anything, but I am just letting you know I have turned it up.'

'OK . . . er thank you, but I'm not eating wheat at the moment . . .so what would I be putting in the toaster?'

HS looked uncomfortable and muttered . . .'well I don't know, but I've left it turned down for you.'

Too good an opportunity to miss I gleefully pointed to his blonde hair . . .

But what really struck me, blonde moment, or not, was the fact that he had been so thoughtful.

It is the little things like that tell me HS loves me.

He has and is being a huge support through the last 18 months with this illness and I never forget that although I am the one with the symptoms he is going through it as well. His support has been unstinting. We have talked a lot and even argued a lot, but he is always there for me. He has taken me to the hospital to see the various consultants and driven me home and listened to me as I worked my way through all that has gone on. He is there when I am in an up mood and there for me on the days that are not so good . . .always there for me.

So thank you HS - your support and all the little things you do really are appreciated. Sometimes words don't seem enough


Dave said...

Its been a pleasure - most of the time !!
All joking appart TA xxx

Pondside said...

Yes, the little things are really huge! They say 'I love you' loud and clear.
I've just caught up with your blogs re your health - so sorry to hear about all the difficulties that you've been having - all the while you've been so upbeat and cheery on the site. My brother-in-law used to see many people with fybromyalgia and he called it "nice persons' disease" because he noticed that it afflicted nice people with busy lives, who gave a lot to the community, rarely said 'no' and had a big social conscience. I hope that you'll be able to find help for a strategy that will give you some relief. Thinking of you.xo

Frances said...

Good morning to Scotland from New York.

It still amazes me to be able to communicate so quickly, and that is one of the little things for which I am so grateful!

Like Pondside, I have been reading through your postings, and find it remarkable that you have been so amusing, and attentive to all of us all these months, while so much was going on in your life.

The approach that you are now taking does sound sound, and I very much hope that you will feel the benefits in days to come.

I have also read another blog this morning about the value of Serenity, and found it very wise.

WW, be very aware that you have helped to create a beautiful community here. Thank you!


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Thank you Frances and Pondside - I think it true to say that Purplecoo does a great deal for me as well . .I have enjoyed meeting everyone and love 'looking after' the site and enjoy everyday seeing everyone 'be together' on the site. Plus I get a lot out of blogging - which is why I started doing it on the 'Other Side' in the first place - it wasn't just the competition - plus I love reading everyone else's blogs.

So thank you.

Elizabethd said...

How lovely to know that your husband is so supportive. The little things mean so much.

Cait O'Connor said...

You mean a lot to us WW. You have our support as well as your husband's.

Faith said...

I echo Cait. I know what you mean about the little things, but it was obvious to me anyway that HS loves you. Good vibe in your house. Purple hugs WW x

mountainear said...

That was so thoughtful. how lucky your are. x for you and x for HS

DJ Kirkby said...

This was just the sweetest gesture and post I have read for a long time. Thanks for sharing and thank you to whoever that I am finally able to post my comments on here again!

CAMILLA said...

Being supportive to you Dear Westerwitch is such a blessing from your lovely HS.

You have been there for us at all times when you have had worrying times yourself and been so supportive to us, and I thank you for that.