Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Summer Time

There's a Yawning in the Dawning
Of another sunfilled day
Too much light for my liking
Please make it GO AWAY

We have blue skies up to Midnight
With Dawn barging in at 4.00
And the birds hollering their greetings
I can't take it any more

Sleeping in the Summer
Is a long forgotten thing
A few brief snatched hours
Then it all begins again

Light through the curtains
Noise inside my head
No-where to run and hide
The daylight kicks me out of bed

So I'm getting out my chainsaw
And a torch that's oh so bright
I'm gonna get those birdies
I'll give them yelling in my night

Hah see how they like it
When their night is suddenly gone
Yeah come on out you birdies
Hear my chainsaw sing its song

I'm revving up my chainsaw
And filling the night with sound
I'm shining round my power torch
And jumping up and down

Gawd is that the time already
No sleep for me tonight
Grrrr the birds are singing loudly
And the berludy sun is bright

The air's filled with feathered song
My efforts were in vain
So I don't think I'll bother
With torches and chainsaws again

I'll sleep with my ears all blocked
And paint my eyelids black
I'll suffer the endless daylight
And get through with just naps

I'm looking forward to the Winter
The dark mornings and the night
Hip hooray for the Winter
It's the season nature got right.


Blossomcottage said...

I take it you are not to keen on the dawn chorus!! me neither, we have Velux windows which if open to far let the little darlings in and it closed to keep them out make us boil! hardly got light here yesterday! but I know what you mean about the light summer sky, never mind soon be winter, no midges, no sun, frosted fingers and an excuse to stay in front of that lovely log burner!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Hooray for winter.

I got about two hours sleep last night . . . grumble grumble. I spent the summer months feeling shattered.

Frances said...

Oh westerwitch, I do like your poem! I forget how much more to the north you are. Will you be having a mid-summer's night celebration ... of the start of lengthening nights?

Reading your poem made me wonder about whether those singing birds also are missing their usual dark hours of rest. Maybe those song have lyrics like, "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning."


Faith said...

No No No No - it's only JUST getting into Summer, please don't wish it back to Winter!

LittleBrownDog said...

Don't worry, WW - the nights will be drawing in soon...

(Actually, I love midsummer up in Scotland - we were up in Southerland one year on Midsummer's day, and I found the barely-nightime quite magical. Mind you, were were only there for a fortnight's holiday - I guess it's a bit different when you've got a solid three months of it...)


Cowgirl said...

Hahhahah - loved that poem - simply fab! You need to get yourself over here, we are on the very brink of winter. Have to say this time of year is my absolute favourite Autumn - with a chill factor, but sunny days.

Catching up on your blogs and disturbed by the shooting incidents - can quite see why you feel the way you do, and how disgusting to leave those "bits" behind - that in illegal here. Yeeeuck.

We had to have a word with some duck shooters firing across towards our land a few weeks back. Season opened 1st May. Firing across the river towards our stock - for Duck's Sake!

bradan said...

"And paint my eyelids black" - ha ha, have already done that - but not for the same reason as you!! (you know what I mean!)

Think we have about half an hour of night up here in midsummer. It does get kind of boring after a while.

Fern said...

Brilliant poem, love it! Summer is not my favourite season either there are too many biting things to which I am allergic. I am more of an autumn person as I struggle a bit with the short dark days of winter.
Hope your other problems are sorting themselves out.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ah brilliant, this really made me giggle! Funny, funny, funny woman...

blogthatmama said...

Just visited your blog and enjoyed it. Not only do the birds in North Yorkshire wake us up at 4.30am daily, they have also stripped my lovely hanging basket of all of its faux moss, leaving green plastic and pecked holes in the roof. Grrr!

blogthatmama said...

Hi Westerwitch, thanks for the visit, I think I understood!

KittyB said...

Grizzle grumble, you miserable old wotsit. Ha! Come to my house and spend a night with S (now there's an invite I don't offer often) and put up with his sniffing, coughing, snoring/groaning and other chest-infection related noises and you'll think the birdsong is the gentlest of Brahms' lullabies! Sleep deprived? Meeeee??????? AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Can I come with you when you book in to the sleep clinic?)

Pipany said...

Sleep clinic sounds wonderful - can I come too?!!! Lovely catch up on your blogs (yes, I know I am always behind on my studies!!!!) xx

ChrisH said...

When you finished there please feel free to come here with your chainsaw. I too am much vexed by the birdies. (Strangely I have broken out in verse today too!)

CAMILLA said...

Great Poem Westerwitch,

We have the dawn chorus here at 4.15am in the morning, and sooo light at that time too.

I do like the winter though, the cosiness once the darkness appears, and to feel the warmth of the woodburner, it just takes a bit of time to get used to again after having light evenings.