Sunday, 28 October 2007

Life gets in the way sometimes

Brief Apology

I just wanted to say a quick Hi and to apologise for not having had the chance to read anyone's Blogs. Obviously missed them all the week we were away. Then spent a week catching up on work and on the site itself, so no chance to read Blogs. Then of course a week ago events rather overtook us - and everything, but everything went out of the window. So next week I will have to spend time catching up on work . . .sigh . . and events are still ongoing.

Please bear with me - I will be reading Blogs again and will be writing my own.

I haven't even had a chance to Blog about my meeting with Crystal . . . who arrived in the middle of our turned upside down lives.

Crystal Jigsaw . . . if you haven't already met her is absolutely lovely. Utterly charming, warm, vivacious, caring and someone you can be proud to call a friend. Her husband although slightly quieter (mind you no chance to get a word in I suspect) was equally charming. Both have a wicked sense of humour . . thank goodness . . .I didn't shock them with my TWO fart machines . . . good grief and people actually think I am wise . .Shocked

The meal we had was carefully chosen not to cause the hazards endured during eating my club sandwich when I met Blossom. In the main we were successful, although the jaw breaking stuffing was a little crunchy. Plus the smoke alarm announcing lunch was a ready a tad deafening - otherwise it all went well.

It also turned out that the people who live next door to Wizzard are related to CJ's other half . . .now how spooky is that.

The only criticism I have our gorgeous Crystal (and she is gorgeous . . .pulls face) is that she is taller than me Ptooooeeeyyy - then again most people are . . . ankle biter me.


lampworkbeader said...

There's no neeed to apologise. I hope everyone appreciates just how much you do for us all. I certainly do.

bradan said...

Don't worry, you have enough on your plate. I certainly appreciate all you do for us, too.

Cowgirl said...

How great you got to meet CJ! Sounds like a bit of pleasant socialising was just the job. Utterly no need to apologise - not one little bit.

Pondside said...

No apologies at all necessary. Life happens, and then when the messy stuff if done, there is always reading blogs! Lucky you to have met CJ - sounds like you two had a great visit.

Faith said...

I think we probably all feel a little guilty when we don't read blogs, but it would be impossible for ALL of us to ALL the time read EVERYONE'S blogs, wouldnt it? My life seems to have become busier and I only seem to manage to read a blog or two a day, but I'm sure every blog gets one or two people to comment on it, so don't worry. You have our eternal gratitude for Purplecoo and never need to apologise.

You are lucky meeting all these Cooers incl. the tall Crystal!

Faith x

Suffolkmum said...

Funny really 'cos I always imagined you as tall! Crystal is lovely and warm and smiley isn't she, so glad you had a great time. I don't think any of us should feel we have to read all the blogs, any more than we 'have' to blog - I've been a bit lax too of late, real life does annoyingly get in the way.

Exmoorjane said...

Yup, I too thought you would be tall....and funnily enough thought Crystal would be shorter... But then I thought you had dark hair too and thought Crystal was fair (so much for my intution eh?!). jxxx

Grouse said...

Well if anything good has come out of your dreadful week I hope it is that you DONT have to read every blog every day!!!!!!!!!


CAMILLA said...

Dear Westerwitch,

You do not need to apologise, we lead such busy lives, that sometimes it is difficult to catch up with blogs. Lovely that you met up with Crystal, knew that she would be lovely somehow.

Casdok said...

I can imagine that Crystal is gorgeous!
Hope you are begining to turn your lives the right way up. x