Sunday, 29 July 2007

5 Mood Busters.

Oh well I have put it off long enough . . . so here are my five mood busters

1) I love the snow and I mean really LOVE the snow. I feel so amazingly happy when it is snowing. I have never really been able to explain it - but it brings about a feeling of congruence.

2) Now please don't all throw things . . . .but if I am feeling down I get a real lift from cleaning my house . . . ducks . . and ducks . . and ducks . . and SPLAT. If my house is clean and tidy and organised it produces a wonderful feeling of calm within myself.

3) Messing about with my plants - indoor plants mostly although I have quite a few outddor pots. Every year I put off re-potting and the weather this year has helped my avoid potting no end. But once I get stuck into it I LOVE doing it and again there is that feeling of congruence.

4) Sitting and having a chat with HS over a coffee and chocolate whilst enjoying a few rolls ups, or in the evening having a chat with HS over a glass of wine with some 'posh' crips and a few roll ups. We have decided to stop smoking in the week though and just keep it to Friday and Saturday nights . . . . mutter . . . . Oh and cooking and eating Sunday lunch in the Winter with the family.

5) Sitting writing by the fire on cold winter's days . . .with loads of coffee and chocolate and roll ups - but there will be less of the roll ups.

There you are that is my five.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those facts with us! I have another phobia. Snow!! I know, I'm utterly soft and pathetic but I can't help it!

If you want to come here for a week (or two) and clean my house you are more than welcome. Any time.

Crystal xx

bradan said...

I also find fiddling about with plants soothing, once I can persuade myself to do it, likewise cleaning the house! But I hate snow, even though I was born in December.

Faith said...

Oh snow makes everything looks so magical - i love it - but not on the roads.

Elizabethd said...

Sitting by a fire, so relaxing, coffee, chocolates, even better, no roll ups though.

Blossomcottage said...

I am with you all the way with all of those Number 5 is my favorite.

Blossomcottage said...

p.s No rollups, never smoked anything in my life, except of course the bonfire and that I love.
Blossom x

CAMILLA said...

I love the snow Westerwitch, it has a sort of romantic/magical feel about it, that is until it goes all sludgey. Yes me too, sitting by the fire, toasting crumpets, chestnuts, oh, and not forgetting enjoying a glass or two of bubbly, and a big fat roll-up.

I always seem to be dusting, no end to it, you can pop and give mine a go pleaseeeese!

Thank you for your comments and concern Dear Westerwitch.

Suffolkmum said...

I love the snow too - there is just something so magical about it. I clean too - but nly if I'm feeling down - so a good mood means a grubby house!

Woozle1967 said...

Loved everything you said - except the rollups (sorry!). And yes, agree totally about "proper" snow.x

Milkmaid said...

I nearly put having a really good house clean in my 5, except it can be all undone so quickly, it makes my mood worse, one day my house will be immaculate, but will it make me happy? can't help but think less roll ups must be a good thing

Posie Rosie said...

Fantastic list, love snow too, and chocolate and coffee infront of the fire, Sunday lunches, lovely images, apart from the roll ups as I don't smoke, but could imagine if you do, they would be a delight to lift the blues.
Looking forward to welcoming you over here some day...that would be lovely!

Frances said...

Good evening from New York and thanks for your wise comments re new mom. I totally agree.

I am wondering if this was the best of your many spots on which to reply, but then, I thought ... I just bet that she will find what I write to her wherever I file it.

What you wrote about loving the beauty of a snowfall is just what I also feel. Every so often we do get an amazing snow here in New York. It might come as early as November, and has caused problems for our big Thanksgiving Day Parade, but has also brought a frisson to the Easter Parade's bonnets in late March or early April.

Maybe ten years ago, we had a real doozy, and it was so delightful to go over to Central Park as early as the first dog walkers, and just take as many photos as I had film for. Real magic. I love to see the snow begin to fall, watch it thicken, take over the landscape, let it re-arrange our notions of what equals what in our local geography.

As I write about this love of snow, the temperature is quite high, so perhaps I am just wishing for a snowstorm in July.

Tomorrow August begins, so there is not hope of snow for quite a while.

I do thank you for leading me down this flaky path.


annakarenin said...

I see a pattern here and feel you will struggle with the new rules on roll ups??

Love the snow too but I call myself a snow jinx because it always seems to be were I am not.

ChrisH said...

Yes, I tend to agree with AnnaK.. those roll-ups could be a problem! But not if I come and visit and roll them for you - I used to do my Uncle Sid's for him and they were either so thin they went up in flames at the first match or so fat he couldn't smoke them, well it's one way of giving up!

Thank you for the re-write comments - I've scared myself half to death listening to the inner dementor (have just come back from seeing Harry Potter with Rose) which whispers 'This is rubbish... and you know it!' I'm having to try very hard not to listen so take heart from the fact that it went well for you.

annakarenin said...

Now panic not it was your own rules I was referring to. Mind you don't all actors smoke goes with the role (pun intended)I thought.

Fennie said...

Oh the roll-ups! A long time ago I smoked Samson tobacco and there is that happy sharing experience of the tobacco and papers and making a kind of craft product. But I gave up over twenty years ago and for a long time limited myself to a cigarette just twice a year. And then I gave that up. And then I had to smoke on stage in a play and it was just like being a teenager again - all the pleasure and none of the pain. But I was very careful to throw the packet in the bin as soon as the play was over.

Snow - yes! Waking up to a wonderful pristine white world, with everything a-hush. You do know how to pick the pick-me-ups.

Pondside said...

I can see how #4 and #5 are so attractive (Sans les cigarettes)as I love a good fire and coffee and a stack of newspapers on a winter morning.
I have lived too long in too cold places to be enamoured of snow. It is something that I am happy to visit from time to time, but for the most part I am satisfied to live in a place where it snows only a day or two a year. We then go out and take pictures, secure in the knowledge that it will be gone by afternoon!

The Country Craft Angel said...

I loved reading your 5 things.

I also love the snow. Unfortunately the snow doesn't like me and I live in thermals and wool layers from October onwards!

Aahhh...nothing like sitting by the fire on cold winters days...

warm wishes