Sunday, 27 July 2008

Six Random Things

Eeeeeek I have been tagged by Cowgirl . . . I can't remember the rules - rules are made to be broken . . . so I have done eight random things because I got carried away . . .

1) I hate Subway's (sandwich shop) shops and logo - completely irrational it makes me FEEL bored . . . hard to explain.

2) Wet pavements in a town have the same effect as above.

3) I LOVE extreme weather . . .even if storms are scary.

4) I love the smell and feel of brown paper bags - I was soooooo sad when Ikea stopped making theirs.

5) I love the smell of fresh Tar . . .

6) I have a phobia about earwigs . . .

7) I struggle with Mental Arithmatic . . . and was never able to work in a bar.

8) I was terrible at Physics at school and then decided to drop it for my 'O' Levels and came fifth from the top in my last exams before I dropped it.

There done . . . I am not going to tag anyone - but if you want to do six random things then consider yourself tagged . . .


Elizabethd said...

I so agree about brown paper bags (sounds a bit Julie Andrews doesnt it!).
When I was little that was all the shops used, those or blue paper bags. I so remember my grandma shopping, and how goods were carefully put in these bags, tops folded over. Plastic just isnt the same.

lampworkbeader said...

I LOVE wet pavements in town, especially at night when the lights shine on them, with a few autumn leaves..Sooo romantic.

Frances said...

Love the randomness of your list!

I was afraid to take Physics in high school, thinking I would not get an A (lot of family pressure on me to make top marks.) And all these years later, I keep wondering what I missed. Guess I could still sign up for a basic course somewhere!


Casdok said...

I too hate Subway's, but love wet pavements!

Smell of tar/! Blah!!

ChrisH said...

I'm glad I'n not the only one who feels that way about Subway - they look awful... and that's before you go in. So I never have!

DJ Kirkby said... may not appreciate me sharing this but...except for the wet pavement bit, I am exactly the same! Now how spooky is that?

CAMILLA said...

I so agree about the paper bags, wish some of the shops did not stop doing this.

Not too hot on earwigs, and others that make my skin crawl is black beetles.

Arithmatic I get by with but must admit it was not one of my favourite subjects at school, so preferred english.

Extreme weather is my cup of tea in winter time, all wrapped up and cosy and taking brisk walks, good excuse for a log fire too.


Maddy said...

Ah what I wouldn't do for a little rain!

Never sure about the earwig definition = rolly pollies yeah, those other long, quick slithery brown things, not quite so keen.