Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tagged - seven things

Eeeeek I have been tagged . . . seven things about myself - presumably interesting.

1) I was terrified of school, I really really REALLY hated it and hated it right through until I left at 16. I was permanently worried about my homework, I hated doing games. I was hopeless at Maths - although I did love English literature. I was constantly told by my teachers that I lacked confidence - so in the end I did.

2) I spent a lot of my working life working in Television as a VTR operator, an editor, I did a bit of editing. I worked with the studio, Telecine. I did alot of the titling graphics for clients on a machine called an Aston. I used to love my job and couldn't believe I was being paid from something I enjoyed so much. Then came the days of the take overs and suddenly money became more important than quality and the whole post production world turned into a cut throat business. My life was made hell by the company I worked for ( a well known commercial broadcast TV company who had taken over the wonderful company I had been working for) because I didn't fit in anymore and because I was an official in the TV union. In the end I got so fed up with the way I was subjected to regular snide put downs and abuse that I upped and walked out one day and then I sued the arse off the berludy company and got a generous out of court settlement. I have never worked for anyone since - the whole thing scarred me so much . . . then again I LOVE working for myself.

3) With one other VTR operator I did the first ever Sky Broadcast . . . then it only went out for two hours a night and not to the UK! Oh we had so much fun in the early days.

4) I have been married three times. I have obviously got it right now as I have been with HS for 22 years married and 26 years together.

5)I won a national hand writing competition when I was in Middle school and also got highly commended in a national poetry competition at about the same time I think. Also got short listed in the 90's for the One Voice writing competition . . .

6) I have loved animals ever since I was small and rescued a pigeon when I was eight - my first rescue. I ran a Rabbit rescue, for about four years and a Parrot Rescue. I have rescued rats and a ferret and sheep and chickens and cats and dogs and chinchillas . . . and so on . . .oh and of course Cyd my eyed Piranha.

7) I was told when I was in Junior school that I would grow up to be a writer . . . well I guess I did, but haven't had anything major published yet. I had a few minor bits and pieces published under Amber Hunt by Templar Publishing . . . think they are all out of print now and googling Amber Hunt does not bring up my name as my minor success was long before google . . . But I am now writing again - so who knows.

There I think you know enough about me now . . . Oh and I LOVE cheese and onion and marmalade toasted sandwiches - which I am really missing whilst I am on this wheat free diet.

I am not going to tag anyone - but as others have said if you fancy doing your seven things . . .then please consider yourself tagged.


Frances said...

Hello on Sunday morning to you!

You have a very intriguing list of seven. Lots of variety in your life and many interests.

Having changed careers so many times myself, I really enjoyed reading about your knowing when the job that you loved had turning into "something completely different" and your knowing what to do about it. Well Done!

And everyone around here knows how well you write.

lampworkbeader said...

Hmm! I am always finding out new things and having to change my image of you. Good luck with the writing...

Zoƫ said...

cheese onion and marmalade sandwiches? I don't think it is the wheat you have to worry about upsetting your tummy .... ewwwwwwwwwww

:: runs::

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

And WHAT is wrong with cheese and onion and marmalade . . . hrmphhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to learn about your talent as a writer when you were at middle school. That's a great achievement at that age. I also hated school, maths, p.e. but was good at English Lit! Teachers do have a lot to answer for.

CJ xx

KittyB said...

Very interesting... I like all these seven things, but I am churlishly not responding to tags as I did it a while back and it made mindlessly boring reading then... seven interesting things have not happened (but six things have - my chickens!!)

Mr Pineapples said...

7 interesting things:

1. Mr Pineapples

2. Mr Pineapples

3. Mr Pineapples

4 to 7: Mr Pineapples

Oh Gawd I am bored.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Yes Mr Pineapple - bored with you too.