Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Wot I did at the Hospital

Here is a picture of my Hedgehog - hope I haven't upset him . . the food I put down has not been touched since this picture!

Phew - it is good to be home . . . had my Endoscopy this afternoon - was meant to be this morning, but there were all sorts of holdups - so it was two and a half hours after I was booked in that I finally got to have the procedure. But whose complaining I had two and a half hours to sit and read . . .shame I was so berludy hungry and not to mention the lurking monster that fugging WANTED coffee and gave me a thumping head just in case I forgot. AND even after it was all over still no berludy coffee, or anything to eat for at least another hour . . .WHY . . . .cos I'd had a throat spray to numb everything . . .BERGER . . .So what did they do . . . .They put me in a waiting room with a man eating biscuits and drinking coffee . . . YES . . yes . . the man is still alive, although I did offer to mug him . . he didn't look impressed. Couldn't run away though he was in a wheel chair . . .no . . no I didn't put him in the wheel chair . . .sigh . . just have bad do you think I am without my coffee . . .Snarl.

So what was it like, the endoscopy that is . . Well actually not too bad in a, oh look there's a lovely brick wall I think I'll bang my head on it, sort of way. The staff were excellent . . . Well they were at the start, but by the time I went in for my tube down the throat it was lunchtime and the nurse pushing my bed to the theatre was actually scratching around to find people to go in with me. I really do believe it was because it was lunchtime and not because I had talked them all into submission, no I really really believe that. Certainly the nurse originally assigned to me was no-where to be seen. I still have TWO cannula bruises to prove she did exist.

Meanwhile back in the endoscopy theatre . . Quick chat with the consultant about symptoms, medication I am on blah blah . . then they laid me on my side and administered the sedative through the cannula . . . .big happy sigh . . . All going fuzzy . . . I remember the gum shield thingy to stop me biting through the scope - burger - chomping through that thing due to lack of caffeine would have been very satisfying . . .ah well. And the rest was a not unpleasant blur punctuated by the odd gag (apparently me) and a voice telling me to breathe through my nose . . .Why? . . I like gagging and then berlimey was that me burping (they fill your stomach with air to stretch it out, so that they can see with the camera) . . .apparently yes that was me burping (mmmm very proud) and then it was all over.

So I was wheeled back out and onto the ward . . .and eventually after vital signs tested . . .all good I am pleased to report . . . I was put into the waiting room where a mugging (see above) was not committed.

And the results . . . I have reddening of the stomach - but they don't know why . . . they took a biopsy . . .REALLY you did . . .I didn't feel a thing! Oh and I have a Hiatus Hernia . . . . mmmmmmm . . . but none of it is serious . . .tell that to the pain . . . so in two weeks time I have to go and see my Doctor who will then tell me what pills the consultant wants me to take . . . Ok . . . and let me know the results of the biopsy - which was mainly to see if I have Helibactor Pylori . . ok . . . .(yeah yeah I could google it and get the spelling right . . .but why would I want to?)!

Oh and the best bit I was sent home to rest and not do anything as the sedative might make me feel a bit woozy and forget things . . .puts up feet . . .happy sigh . . .reaches for the chocolates - and I can guarantee I won't remember who ate them!

As for there being no question marks in most, if not all of this blog - that is because I ran out of them and there is a national shortage!!!

Berlimey one thing I forgot to mention yesterday when I wrote this was that the person doing the endoscopy was a nurse who was being assessed . . the consultant was there with her. Today my throat is really sore - it hurts to talk and swallow and my chest feels as though Monday night's party was held on it . . . . .sigh . . . I had this procedure done a few years ago and last time don't remember any adverse effects at all . . . HS enjoying the peace . . . Harummmppphhhhh . . . I'm saving it ALL up . .


Zoƫ said...

hehe, love the way you tell it! Isnt the sedation wonderful? I love it, back in for my 12 weekly dose next week! I am glad they didnt find anything horrible, but that doesnt help you get better either. Big hugs xx

Casdok said...

Bet you are glad that is over! Glad to hear not to serious. Good luck for the results though.

CAMILLA said...

I love your wit Westerwitch on letting us know how all went at the hospital. Hope the Biopsy results are not too serious. Dont over do it with chores, you need some rest.

Sending you a very big HUG.

Love Camilla.xxx

ChrisH said...

Phew that's another job jobbed. Glad for you that it's over.

Frances said...

Hello ww,

That was very good reporting. What a way to spend a day, right?

Only similar experience I can relate, came as a result of getting either a piece of rosemary or chicken bone stuck in my throat.
Over to an emergency room at an Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Very long wait for me, too.

Then, I also felt that the doctors were sort of practicing on me. No rosemary or chicken bone found/extracted. Figure it must have been somehow dislodged by the equipment snaking its way down my throat.

Finally got to leave the hospital, full of antibiotics that really messed up my digestion, etc. But, I was Free at Last. I treat rosemary with great care now, and sort of stick with boneless chicken.

Hoping you are more comfortable soon, and back up to full coffee intake!


Ivy said...

Glad you survived this treatment. Hope you are recovering and are looked after by HS.

Faith said...

It sounds pretty vile. You were brave, but needs must eh? Hope you feel ok ish now. F X

Pipany said...

Golly that sounded like a lesson in patience WW. Could you even enjoy the chocs? Hope whatever they give you to take helps with the pain xx

Anonymous said...

You still have your lovely sense of humour after all that! I'm so glad you are okay. Doesn't sound very nice having a sore throat but putting ya feet up certainly does. I expect HS is waiting on you.

Take care, Crystal xx

Blossomcottage said...

Oh you did do well, not nice thing to have done, but are you sure the reddening is not red wine stain!!! oh well if you insist its not then I will believe you.Do hope they can make you better at least it will all be worth it, and I am glad HS enjoyed the lull in the noise levels.
Keep well.
Lots of Love Blossom

lampworkbeader said...

Well I'm glad you are through it. Take it easy while you can. Fingers crossed that you get some sense from the doctors at last.
love LWB

mountainear said...

You can eat as much chocolate as you like for being so brave and retaining your sense of humour.

Posie Rosie said...

Oh that was so brave, my little one had similar problems a few years back and was in excrutiating pain so I can but sympathise.
Beautifully written, it certainly made me smile, hope you got into the tub of biscuits when you got home.

Suffolkmum said...

Gosh it sounds awful, I do sympathise, I'd have poked the poor man with the coffee and biscuits in the eye! Hope you're feeling better. Lovely hedgehog!

Wizzard said...

Poor witchy poos. Hope your body has recovered now.


beeswax, said...

So glad it's all over, now you can drink as much coffee as you like, until you go to the GP, who will tell you to ease off the coffee,so make the most of it, double up on them ..maybe even expressos..but most of all I am so happy to hear you have it all over now, horible ordeal for you, good luck with the results, regards..xx

Cait O'Connor said...

Oh you poor thing, I've only just read this. Glad it's over and went OK in the end.